Baba Ka Dhaba couple's life story leaves Internet in tears. See viral Instagram post

Humans of Delhi recently shared the story of Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi, who run Baba Ka Dhaba, and recently went viral after their video trended on social media.

10 Oct 2020 |  31

CYMI, an 80-year-old couple's life was transformed by the power of social media this week after a video narrating their ordeal of losing a source of income, a roadside stall - Baba Ka Dhaba, went viral. HOW DID BABA KA DHABA GO VIRAL? The viral video showed that the couple - Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi, were not able to sell food at their stall. This broke social media's heart. And in turn, to help out the elderly couple, Delhiites thronged the stall next day to support them and cheer them on. KANTA PRASAD AND BADAMI DEVI'S STORY Now, in a post by Humans of Delhi, the couple is sharing their life story, how they met, the importance of working hard and how one should never lose hope. Talking about their marriage, Kanta Prasad told HoD, "I was married to her when I was 5 years old. She was 3. In those days- the Britishers or the outsiders would molest unmarried women. So, they'd get us married while we were kids." He continued, "Beta, there was no choice we had. I had to like her and she had to love me back. It is like a 'mohar', we were stamped for a lifetime for one another at the age of 5. Whoever it would have been, I would have loved. This is what marriage is for, to love and bond." He added that it was in 1961 that Badami Devi came to his home as his wife. "In 1961, they officially handed over my wife to me. I was so happy. I picked her up in my arms and got her home. We both moved to Delhi from UP at the age of 21, seeing an ocean of possibilities Delhi held for us," Kanta Prasad said. In the beginning the couple used to sell fruits at a stall. But as their kids matured, they decided to open Baba Ka Dhaba. Kanta Prasad added, "For years, the work was slow. I ran it for 30 years making ends meet. But yesterday when I sat at my stall, I saw queues of people from NGOs, actors, people who just came to meet me. It was so overwhelming. I used to dream this when I was 21. I saw my dream coming to life yesterday. God listens to you, beta. Not now, but may be at 30, 40, 50 or even at my age-80." In the end, he said, "But one day whatever you had wished for, with honesty would come to life making you dream further. I want to live more. Much longer now, with my wife as my pillar smiling like this. She learnt quickly how to pose for the camera, I took some time. But now we want to go to shop, have someone work for us like the rich people do & I will take her out for a 'chai' like our younger days! This seems just the beginning." After being shared, Kanta Prasad and Badami Devi's story managed to put a smile on people's faces. At the time of writing this article, the post already had over 12k likes.

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